Case Studies & Videos

AWC designs and manufactures water and wastewater treatment systems for a variety of municipal and industrial applications.

Case Studies

Custom Designed Plant for Unique Logistical Challenge

  • Client: a remote community in Alaska, United States
  • Treatment Capacity: 30 gpm (6.8 m3/hour)
  • Technologies Employed: Conventional filtration, chemical coagulation, flocculation, tube settler contact clarifier followed by dual media gravity filtration.

Design-Build Bundled Treatment Plant for Arctic Environment

  • Client: a territory in Northern Canada
  • Treatment Capacity: Three (3) different plants, each operating at 30 gpm.
  • Technologies Employed: Ultrafiltration (submerged), post-disaster modular buildings, truck fill system, chemical systems, water storage tank.

Expedited Delivery of Containerized Pressure Filtration System for Remote Arctic Mine

  • Client: a remote mining facility in the Canadian arctic
  • Treatment Capacity: 240 gpm (54.5 m3/hour)
  • Technologies Employed: Pressure filtration, chemical systems, backwash system.

Large Capacity Packaged Clarification / Filtration Plant

  • Client: a ski village in the United States Rocky Mountains
  • Treatment Capacity: 4 MGD (634 m3/hr)
  • Technologies Employed: Flocculation, clarification, media filtration, chemical systems, backwash system.

Large Filtration System Retrofitted with DAF Technology for Increased Throughput and Quality

  • Client: a municipal sewerage authority in New Jersey, United States
  • Treatment Capacity: 151 MLD (40 MGD)
  • Technologies Employed: Dissolved air flotation, gravity filtration.

Long-Term Boil Water Advisory Lifted

  • Client: a First Nations community in northern Saskatchewan
  • Treatment Capacity: 320 gpm (72.7 m3/hour)
  • Technologies Employed: Conventional filtration, flocculation, tube settler contact clarifier, gravity filtration.

Mobile Water Treatment Plant for Frac Water in Hazardous Environment

  • Client: a private Oil & Gas services provider
  • Treatment Capacity: 200 GPM (45.4 m3/hour)
  • Technologies Employed: Dissolved air flotation, hydro-cyclone, chemical injection.

Modular Approach for Wastewater Treatment Plant Reduced the Lead Time and Capital Cost for a Mining Client

  • Client: a global mining company
  • Treatment Capacity: 780 m3/day
  • Technologies Employed: Primary screening, flow equalization, aeration, membrane bioreactors, sludge holding, centrifuge dewatering, solids conveying, chemical systems.

Reverse Osmosis System for Tropical Environment

  • Client: a mining client in Mexico
  • Treatment Capacity: 2,000 gpm
  • Technologies Employed: Reverse osmosis, custom-designed, Clean-In-Place (CIP) system, advanced controls.

Unique Clarifier Design for Custom Application

  • Client: a Canadian mining company
  • Treatment Capacity: each plant, 15 gpm (3.4 m3/hour)
  • Technologies Employed: Adsorption clarification, backwash thickening.

Value Engineering Makes Project Viable

  • Client: a coastal community in the Pacific Northwest
  • Treatment Capacity: 320 gpm (72.7 m3/hour)
  • Technologies Employed: Dissolved air flotation, chemical dosing, disinfection, water reservoir, modular building, design-build.