Project Delivery Methods

AWC designs and manufactures treatment plants in several shapes and sizes. Depending on project size, location, and customer preference, AWC will custom design and manufacture equipment that is right for the project.

Certifications & Memberships

Packaged & Modular Plants

Package plants are ideal for customers seeking a cost effective “plug-and-play” solution where manufacturing is performed in a controlled offsite production environment. In addition, a modular approach allows customers to add package plants over time, thereby staggering their capital expenditure as capacity requirements increase in the future.

All AWC package plants are manufactured, pre-assembled and undergo a rigorous factory acceptance test at our production facility prior to shipping. At our production facility, we have an in-house electrical panel shop, fully certified fabrication facility, and a machine shop capable of manufacturing complete water and wastewater treatment systems.

We ship our package and modular plants via road, rail, or ocean transport across North America and further abroad. Our package and modular plants are “plug-and-play” when received at the project site.

Site Constructed Plants

For larger plant throughput requirements, modular solutions may become impractical. AWC offers comprehensive engineering, procurement and fabrication services for site-constructed plants.

AWC works with owners, EPCs, general contractors and other stakeholders right from the conceptual process selection phase, all the way through detailed engineering, start-up and full lifecycle support.

Prefabricated Modular Building Enclosures

AWC also specializes in providing treatment plants in turnkey building enclosures, where the prefabricated building is placed on a pad and connected at site. While typically for smaller plants, options are also available where several building modules are fitted together to provide a much larger enclosure.

This delivery methodology is well suited in situations where there is a narrow construction window or skilled labor is scarce. It also typically has a much lower capital cost, as work is performed inside a controlled factory environment, rather than in the field. It also reduces complexity, as there are no subcontractors to manage at site for plant construction, as AWC performs all building and treatment plant construction at our production facility.

Built to CSA code and suitable for extreme arctic environments, “plug-and-play” treatment plants in prefabricated modular buildings can be a great alternative to traditional delivery methods.

Retrofits & Upgrades

Our engineering and design team works with customers to provide various retrofit and upgrade options – from simple equipment replacements to full scale upgrades to meet increased capacity requirements, increased water quality requirements or changes to raw water quality.

For example, AWC has experience upgrading older clarifier basins to dissolved air flotation (DAF) technology. These upgraded plants can achieve significantly higher processing capacity within the same space, without the need for plant expansion or expensive civil works. This is because DAF requires a smaller footprint compared to other treatment methods for the same volume of water being treated.

Other examples of retrofit and upgrade work includes the addition of pre- or post-treatment processes, controls systems upgrades, additions of modular trains, plant refurbishments and anything in between.

Design Build

Design build projects enable customers to benefit from a single point of responsibility and reduces the need for the customer to manage and supervise the entirety of the project.

AWC has experience delivering design build projects across a range of treatment technologies and geographies. AWC also has experience working in design build teams in a variety of roles and appreciates the value this delivery method can bring to a project. Depending on the project requirements, AWC can be part of a design-build team in a subcontractor, joint venture or lead proponent role.