Custom Designed Plant for Unique Logistical Challenge

Custom Designed Plant for Unique Logistical Challenge


A client required a new water treatment plant in a remote location on Alaska’s North Slope. Access to the site was only possible via air transportation, posing logistical challenges for transporting workers and supplies. The client preferred a packaged plant solution rather than a site-constructed plant.


AWC undertook a specialized design to create a water treatment plant that could fit into a C-130 Hercules aircraft. Considering the physical size of the equipment, wing clearance requirements, cargo bay specifications of the aircraft, and material handling considerations, unique engineering challenges had to be overcome.


Through meticulous attention to shipping and handling details, AWC successfully delivered a custom solution on time and without any issues. The community now benefits from the use of their community “Washeteria”, thanks to the functional water treatment plant that was installed.

Client: a remote community in Alaska, United States

Treatment Capacity: 30 gpm (6.8 m3/hour)

Technologies Employed: Conventional filtration, chemical coagulation, flocculation, tube settler contact clarifier followed by dual media gravity filtration.