Other Products & Services

AWC offers supplemental products and services to support our manufactured treatment systems including: lab services & piloting, engineering & design, start-up & commissioning, training and parts & maintenance.

Certifications & Memberships

Lab Services & Piloting

Our involvement in water and wastewater treatment systems typically commences at the lab testing and piloting phase. Lab testing and piloting can be an important first step in a project to understand water quality parameters and evaluate various treatment options and processes.

AWC maintains an inventory of pilot plants and field equipment for various treatment technologies. These pilot plants are available for either short or long-term piloting projects across North America and further abroad.

Our lab testing and piloting services also include on-site coordination, plant setup, operator training and detailed water chemistry analysis to identify design variables and process evaluation for full scale treatment systems.

Engineering & Design

We work with customers on engineering and design programs from conceptual design through to detailed engineering as part of a complete water treatment system project.

Our process begins with an upfront study of lab test or pilot plant results. From there, we partner with customers to deliver a collaborative value engineering program to provide numerous treatment system options and to fully understand capital costs, operating costs, constructability and water treatment parameters.

We take a “technology-agnostic” approach during the engineering and design phase and our vertically integrated in-house services enable us to provide treatment options across a broad range of technologies and project execution models.

Our high-quality engineering deliverables and advanced project management systems significantly reduce and mitigate project risk from start to finish.

The AWC engineering and design team includes in-house process, mechanical & piping, electrical, structural, drafting and instrumentation & control departments.

Start-up & Commissioning

Our vertically integrated in-house services includes a team of Level 4 trained operators working in the field to support the start-up and commissioning of all AWC treatment systems.

All AWC plants and equipment are manufactured, pre-assembled and undergo a rigorous factory acceptance test at our production facility prior to shipping. At our production facility, we have an in-house electrical panel shop, certified fabrication facility, and a machine shop capable of manufacturing complete water and wastewater treatment systems.

Our treatment systems are “plug-and-play” when received at the project site. This serves to shorten start-up and commissioning times, providing more time for our trained operators to train local operators on their new plants.


AWC recognizes that training of local plant operators on our treatment plants is a critical part of project success. AWC tailors training specific to the requirements of each project. Depending on the experience and familiarity of the operations team, the training program can be expanded or contracted to suit.

From a simple two-day classroom and hands-on training for experienced operators, to a year long training regime with remote support for less experienced groups, AWC works with our clients to provide the training and support required for each project.

Parts & Maintenance

AWC understands that substantial completion of a project is just the beginning of a long relationship with our customers, and we provide continuous support for all AWC products after start-up and commissioning.

All AWC treatment plants come with remote connectivity capability. This allows our team to login to the plant remotely to assist operators in troubleshooting and operational parameter adjustment in a cost-effective manner.

We also maintain an after-sales support division and can handle the sales and service of all parts provided with our treatment plants. We stock many common components and expedite delivery of any ordered items not stored in our warehouse.