AWC filtration systems are designed to meet each unique client specification and application. These systems are available with a wide range of media filtration technologies and can include various ancillary components to complete the process.

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Pressure Filters

AWC designs and manufactures pressure filters up to 12 feet in diameter. Depending on application, AWC can provide a variety of mono or multi-media options including sand, anthracite, greensand or other specialty medias for targeting iron, manganese, arsenic and organics and various ion exchange medias. AWC provides all piping / pipe rack, automation, chemical and backwash systems. Pressure filters can be seamlessly integrated as pre- or post-treatment options when paired with other AWC treatment processes, providing a single point of accountability for achieving plant-wide treatment objectives.


  • Robust, proven technology
  • A range of pressure options available
  • Tank diameters up to 12 feet
  • A variety of filter media options available
  • Fully automated and integrated ancillary equipment

Gravity Filtration

AWC gravity filters can employ a variety of different media, based upon treatment objectives. Each gravity filter is designed to meet the specific needs of the application. AWC gravity filters can be supplied with flocculation as a stand-alone process, clarification (see Clarification & Flotation technologies) or incorporated into a treatment system as one of several unit processes. AWC filters are typically provided with fully integrated automation, chemical and backwash systems for turnkey installation.


  • Simple, proven technology
  • Small footprint
  • A variety of media options available
  • Fully integrated with automation and ancillary equipment
  • Uniform distribution and backwash
  • A variety of materials available for chemical compatibility

GAC Filters

AWC granular activated carbon (GAC) filters can be used in either pressure or gravity filtration configurations. GAC filtration is used in a variety of industries and applications, including PFAS reduction, BAC filtration and polishing for disinfection by-product (DBP) precursors in potable water treatment.


  • Gravity or pressure filtration configurations
  • Various GAC media specifications available
  • Proven, widely accepted treatment technology
  • Wide range of industrial and municipal applications

In-Filter Dissolved Air Flotation

When paired with AWC’s dissolved air flotation (DAF) technology, AWC’s In-Filter DAF offers significant footprint savings. With AWC’s In-Filter technology, media filtration is placed directly within the DAF clarifier basin. In addition to footprint savings there are significant capital cost savings. AWC is the only manufacturer that offers the In-Filter DAF in a modular package plant.


  • Significantly reduced plant footprint
  • Significant capital cost savings
  • Fully automated and integrated with DAF system