Long-Term Boil Water Advisory Lifted

Long-Term Boil Water Advisory Lifted


A drinking water plant at a First Nations community in northern Saskatchewan had failed and the community had been on a boil water advisory for 7 years. The community faced challenges in finding an economical solution due to difficult logistics and a lack of construction labour or infrastructure in the area.


WC proposed a modular, plug-and-play treatment system. The entire plant was pre-assembled and pre-tested at AWC’s factory, reducing the amount of on-site work required for construction, installation, and commissioning to just process and electrical connections. This streamlined approach drastically reduced the construction timeline and minimized the need for skilled labor on site.


AWC successfully completed the project on schedule. The pre-assembly and testing carried out at AWC’s factory facilitated a smooth startup and commissioning process at site. As a result, the community was able to lift the boil water advisory for the first time in 7 years, providing access to clean, safe drinking water.

Client: a First Nations community in northern Saskatchewan

Treatment Capacity: 320 gpm (72.7 m3/hour)

Technologies Employed: Conventional filtration, flocculation, tube settler contact clarifier, gravity filtration.