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Golden Treatment Plant

Town of Golden, BC, Canada
Chlorination Plant Technology

Plant Type: The Chlorination Water Treatment Plant is designed to chlorinate ground water.
The equipment consists of a chlorination station to treat ground water for potable use in a prefabricated building which is a “structural panel system” design to withstand rain, snow and wind loading in the Golden area. Also includes chlorine room with Cl gas detection, separate lab room with sink, hot water heater and PLC.
Purpose: To remove impurities from the water, and, thus, provide potable water to the area.
Treatment Issues: Residual Disinfection
Capacity: 24 gpm(130 m3/d)
Process: Well water is moved through the plant and kept pressurized by well pumps (by others). When the plant’s magnetic flow meter detects water flowing, a peristaltic pump is turned on by the PLC and sodium hypochlorite solution is introduced into the flow. Dosing is paced to flow rate by the PLC using the magnetic flow meter. Two identical metering pumps are provided and their starts will be alternated by the PLC. Residual free chlorine in the process line is constantly monitored by a chlorine analyzer. If chlorine level drops below a preset level an alarm is triggered.
Treated Water: Turbidity < 0.30 NTU, Color < 5 TCU
Engineer: AECOM

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