Awc Water Solutions Ltd

AWC Water Solutions specializes in providing innovative packaged and modular water and wastewater treatment solutions for municipal and industrial applications. With more than 400 plants in operation around the world, we offer unmatched expertise and a reputation for delivering reliable, high quality water and wastewater solutions.

Our in-house engineering and technical team will work with you to select the best process and design a custom package to reliably meet environmental, financial and quality standards for your project. Depending on your needs, we help you select a new plant or retrofit your current system.

Using leading-edge technology, the entire design and all fabrication are completed in our controlled manufacturing facility. This cuts construction costs and improves quality and delivery times by eliminating the costly and time-consuming logistical challenges of on-site construction and testing.

Our expertise in chemical, hydraulic, mechanical and control processes enables us to offer a wide range of innovative, yet proven, process options. Our complete offering includes:

Water quality monitoring & pilot plant testing

We offer analytical packages ranging from benchtop testers to full online instrumentation to monitor water quality and conduct pilot testing in order to select and optimize the best process.

On-site start-up & commissioning

Before final hand-off, our experienced technical staff will systematically walk through every component of the treatment process and building with the client and plant operator to ensure proper installation and operation.

Discover the power of working with the industry’s most experienced team.


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