Gravity Clarification

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AWC offers gravity clarifiers for a variety of applications. Depending on application, AWC clarifiers can be used to settle flocculated water, or to precipitate out minerals in pH-adjusted water. For potable water applications, unique to AWC, tube settler clarifiers are designed with a proprietary algorithm that ensures uniform distribution (<5% maldistribution) across the entire length of the clarifier. No other manufacturer offers this, which makes the AWC tube settler clarifier the best performing in this industry niche. AWC clarifiers typically include mixing and chemical systems and are most often paired with other AWC treatment technologies, like flocculation and filtration, to provide a complete treatment solution for many industrial and commercial applications.


  • Simple, robust process technology
  • Can be paired with integral mixing, filtration and other technologies
  • A variety of materials available to ensure chemical compatibility
  • Industry-leading flow distribution
  • Fully automated, low maintenance