Dissolved Air Flotation

Certifications & Memberships

AWC is a leader in dissolved air flotation (DAF) technology. AWC has been designing and manufacturing DAF systems for over 40 years in both package plants as well as large concrete plant envelopes. In 2020, AWC acquired the DAF intellectual property from Leopold, a pioneer in high-rate DAF applications, further bolstering AWC’s leadership in the space. DAF technology is used in many industrial and municipal applications, ranging across potable water, process water and wastewater use cases. In addition to superior treatment performance, DAF technology can significantly reduce footprint and is often viewed as a superior alternative to ballasted clarifiers. DAF is an excellent candidate for converting old clarification / filtration basins to significantly increase plant capacity in an existing footprint.


  • Very small footprint when compared to other types of clarification
  • Flow rates ranging from 50 GPM to in excess of 200 MGD
  • Excellent candidate for upgrading old basins to increase plant capacity
  • Can be paired with In-Filter DAF technology to further reduce plant footprint
  • Excellent performance for organics, color and TSS reduction, handling algae and thickening applications