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Spicewood Treatment Plant

LCRA Spicewood Beach, Texas, USA
Tube Settler (ST) Plant Technology

Plant Type: Tube Settler (ST) Water Treatment Plant SST-330-2WaterTreatmentPlant(WTP) is a conventional treatment plant, consisting of coagulation, flocculation, Tube Settler assisted clarification and high-rate filtration processes.
Purpose: Designed for the removal of colour, turbidity and other impurities from raw water to meet the applicable drink water quality standards in Texas.
Treatment Issues: Colour 5 – 20 TCU, Turbidity 4 – 15NTU
Capacity: 330-2 gpm(1,800m3/d)
Process: The treatment process is a completely automatic, gravity flow operation and it comprises of the following components:

  • Raw water flow control
  • Coagulation and flash mixing
  • Sodium carbonate (soda ash) for pH adjustment
  • Mechanical flocculation
  • Clarification within a tube settler
  • Filtration through dual media filters
  • Chemical feed systems
Treated Water: True color units < 5 TCU, turbidity < 0.3NTU
Engineer: Weston Solutions, Inc, Austin,Texas
Commission Date: 2011

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