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Region of Queens Municipality Treatment Plant

Liverpool, Nova Scotia, Canada
Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) and Filtration (F) Plant Technology

Plant Type: Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) & Filtration (F) Water Treatment Plant

Model DAF-1470-3 & F-1960-4 Water Treatment Plant is designed to treat raw water for the removal of colour, turbidity and other impurities and to provide a high quality effluent for potable and domestic use.

The plant combines the time proven principles of mixing, coagulation, flocculation,dissolved air flotation assisted clarification and high rate filtration.

Purpose: To remove impurities from the water, and, thus, provide potable water to the town
Treatment Issues: Color and turbidity in raw water.
Capacity: DAF-1470-3 & F-1960-4 gpm
Process: The treatment process is a completely automatic, gravity flow operation. It consists of three process trains for dissolved air filtration and filtration system with one additional train of filtration system. Each process train is rated to treat 490 USgpm and comprising the following components:

  • Rapid Mixing
  • Mechanical flocculation (31.90 mins detention with tapered flocculation).
  • Dissolved Air Flotation Clarification with 9.07 m/hr (3.71 USgpm/ft2) average rise rate at max flow.
  • Recycle Pump and Saturator System
  • Filtration through dual media filter with maximum loading of 8.71 m/hr (3.56 USgpm/ft2).
Treated Water: Turbidity < 0.1 NTU, Color < 5 TCU
Engineer: ABL Environment Consultants Ltd.

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