AWC Water Solutions offers packaged water treatment plants based on direct filtration (DF) technology. The DF plants use a combination of hydraulic or mechanical flocculation and rapid rate filtration to provide superior quality to potable water. They are ideal for stable ground or surface waters where turbidity levels seldom exceed 10 NTU.

Our DF plants are custom-designed to meet our clients’ needs. They can treat capacities up to 1,500 gpm (8,100 m3/d) per train (multiple trains can be combined for higher flows) and reliably achieve less than 0.1 NTU turbidity and 2-log protection against Giardia and Cryptosporidium.


  • 1Flash Mixing
  • 2Flocculation
  • 3Filtration

Flash mixing

A coagulant added to the raw water precipitates dissolved contaminants and encourages suspended particles to form “flocs”.

  • Multi-chemical injection ports for coagulant, polymer, pH adjustment, etc. provides process flexibility
  • Static or powered mixers are options


Gentle agitation in the flocculation zone encourages growth of the flocs which are then removed by the filter.

  • Multi-stage hydraulic or mechanical flocculation
  • Carefully designed to minimize short-circuiting


Flocculated water passes to the high-rate filter for final polishing and the filter is periodically cleaned by water or air/water backwashing.

  • Mono, dual and multi-media options
  • Air scour/water backwash for reduced water consumption and improved cleaning
  • Water backwash with surface wash option
  • Nozzle and plenum-type underdrain

Plant Features

Quality tank construction

AWC constructs its tanks out of highly corrosion-resistant marine-grade, 5086 aluminum alloy. This construction eliminates the need for corrosion-protection coatings and prevents premature failures, which can occur with poor surface preparation or coating failures. Sacrificial anodes are used to further increase protection against corrosion. All fasteners in contact with the aluminum are 316 stainless steel to minimize galvanic corrosion. Stainless steel tanks are also available upon request. Our process equipment components can also be supplied for installation into site-constructed concrete tanks or retrofitted into existing tankage. In these circumstances, AWC can provide tank dimensions and other civil criteria.

Electrical systems and control panels

AWC designs, builds, programs and commissions fully integrated automated control and electrical systems. Our systems feature:

  • Integrated UL and CSA approved MCC’s and control panels
  • Fully automatic operation with advanced instruments and controls
  • Remote monitoring, control and SCADA options
  • Industrial quality PLC’s with simple plug-in, pre-programmed modules for reduced training and technical support

Chemical systems

We offer a full range of chemical mixing and dosing systems, including solution tanks, mixers, dosing pumps and safety equipment.

Advantages of AWC DF Plants


Our plants are fabricated with marine-grade aluminum alloys and stainless steel to provide superior resistance to chemicals and corrosion, resulting in longer life.


Our packaged DF plants are pre-assembled and pre-tested in our controlled facility, often saving 50 percent or more over in-situ construction. They can also be integrated into pre-engineered building systems for increased savings and reduced schedule. Their small footprint also reduces building costs.


The DF plants are quiet, simple and easy-to-operate with minimal operator input. They are also supplied complete with chemical dosing, water quality monitoring systems, automatic controls and monitoring systems customized to meet local needs.

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