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BHP Billiton Jansen Wastewater Treatment Plant

Jansen, Saskatchewan, Canada
Membrane Bio-Reactor (MBR) Plant Technology

Plant Type: Membrane Bio-Reactor (MBR) Wastewater Treatment Plant

Technology to assist potash mine production in the discharge of wastewater.

Purpose: To treat high BOD and TSS influent, then effluent disposal to a river.
Capacity: 780 m3/day (2 Trains each at 300 m3/day) and 180 m3/day (2 Trains each at 90 m3/day)
Process: The system is designed to handle variations in loading and flow rates. Screened raw sewage first passes through EQ tanks. It is then pumped into the treatment trains that are comprised of biological treatment, membrane filtration and disinfection, in addition to sludge digestion and dewatering process. This process is based on the use of MEMBRAY TMR140 Series submerged membrane modules by Toray.
Treated Water: BOD < 5 mg/l, TSS < 5 mg/l, NH3 < 1
Engineer: SNC Lavalin

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