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God’s Lake First Nations
Wastewater Treatment Plant

God’s Lake, Manitoba, Canada
Moving Bed Biological Reactor (MBBR) Plant Technology

Plant Type: Moving Bed Biological Reactor (MBBR) Wastewater Treatment Plant
Purpose: Plant is designed for the removal of BOD5 (biochemical oxygen demand), TSS (total suspended solids), Ammonia and TP (total phosphorus, using chemical precipitation) in domestic sewage.
Capacity: Max 1,425 m3/day (2 Trains)
Process: Raw sewage is pumped into the EQ tank through fine screens with 3 mm openings in order to be balanced for the peak wet weather flow rate variation. Screened sewage is then pumped from the EQ tank into the treatment trains that comprise biological oxidation followed by clarification stage. Final treated effluent will be disinfected using UV lamps before discharging into the disposal point.
Treated Waste Water: BOD < 20 mg/l, TSS< 25 mg/l, NH3 < 1
Engineer: AECOM

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