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Clones Treatment Plant

Clones, County Monaghan, Republic of Ireland
Adsorption Clarification (AC) Plant Technology

Plant Type: Adsorption Clarification Water Treatment Plant

Model AC-460 Water Treatment Plant is designed to treat raw water for the
removal of colour, turbidity and other impurities to provide a high quality effluent for
potable and domestic use. The AC is suitable for waters of moderate quality with turbidity
up to 50 NTU.

The plant combines the time proven principles of mixing, coagulation / flocculation,
clarification and high rate filtration. The process combines flocculation and clarification in
the roughing filter. Flocs are formed and grow in the coarse media. The multimedia filter
then provides polishing of the water to provide a high quality effluent.

Purpose: To remove impurities from the water, and, thus, provide potable water to the village
Treatment Issues: Moderate turbidity and organics in the raw water.
Capacity: 2,507 m3/d (460 gpm)
Process: The treatment process is a completely automatic, gravity flow operation. It consists of
two clarifiers each rated to treat 230 USgpm and a single gravity filter. The system
comprises the following components:

  • Raw water flow control
  • Coagulation and flash mixing
  • Sodium carbonate (soda ash) for pH adjustment
  • Mechanical flocculation
  • Clarification within a tube settler
  • Filtration through dual media filters
  • Chemical feed systems
Treated Water: Turbidity < 0.1 NTU, Color < 5 TCU
Engineer: Treatment Systems Ltd, Kilkenny, Republic of Ireland
Commission Date: November, 2002

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