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Aklavik Water Treatment Plant

Northwest Territories, Canada
Conventional Packaged Plant

Plant Type: Tube Settler (ST) Water Treatment Plant Model ST-40 Water Treatment Plant was designed to treat raw water for the removal of colour, turbidity and other impurities and to provide a high-quality potable water. The plant was 1 of 5 supplied as a turnkey in an all-weather enclosure for sub-zero arctic weather.
Purpose: To provide potable water to the community as per the Guidelines for Drinking Water.
Treatment Issues: Moderate to Very High turbidity (10NTU to 2000NTU) and color raw water.
Capacity: 218 m3/d (40 gpm)
Process: The treatment process is a completely automatic, gravity flow operation. It consists of two mechanical flocculation units, one tube settler sedimentation process train and two dual media gravity filters rated to treat 40 USgpm. The treatment process comprises the following components:

  • Raw water flow control
  • Chemical Coagulation and flash mixing
  • Caustic injection for pH adjustment
  • Clarification within a tube settler
  • Filtration through dual media filters
  • Post treatment by Sodium Hypochlorite injection for maintaining chlorine residual
Treated Water: Turbidity < 0.3 NTU, Color < 5 TCU, E.Coli and Total Coliform – 0/100L MPN
Engineer: Treatment Systems Ltd, Kilkenny, Republic of Ireland
Commission Date: November, 2002

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